A Platform with Complementary
and Synergistic Businesses

A Platform with Complementary
and Synergistic Businesses

A Partnership of Enterprise Builders, Public and
Private Investors to Drive Differentiated Outcomes.

Founded in 2020, L2 is a multi-strategy asset management firm built to capitalize on the secular theme of private and public market convergence.

L2's name is inspired by 2 concepts:
1) Level 2 - the next level of investment opportunities that will transcend the traditional private and public boundaries;
2) Second level thinking, a deliberate and proactive process to critically evaluate options in order to make the best long term decisions.


Challenged based thinking, intellectual curiosity & integrity


Extremely selective, patient, fundamentally driven & a strategic partner to enterprises


Proprietary opportunities driving superior risk adjusted returns

A Global Platform, Valuable Partnerships

We bring together over 50 years of domain expertise across venture capital, private equity, and public markets to uncover unique opportunities. With presence in all four major time zones, L2 has the global reach and network to cultivate valuable partnerships and proprietary investments.

Combining unique Asia angle with global reach

Synergy and convergence among strategies and geographies

Opportunistic mix and deployment of capital across the globe